About the Company

Growing up from suburban streets, Jocelyn often dreamed of

the concrete jungle. Whenenver she visted the city she loved the sweet sounds of sirens, random conversations, and the usual hussle and bussle of the crowd. She loved seeing people from various stages of life all in one place where each person added to the city life. Each person was an element in a larger equation. Element 26 was born within her senior year in college. She always loved collaging as it mimics the elements that build a larger structure. Although many elements are used to make a larger structure, each element must be strong in itself; a structure is only as strong as it's weakest link. Element 26 wants to help it's wearers feel unique and strong while still being able to help in the grand scheme of things.

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Telephone: +31 10 236 65 33
Address: Coolsingel 67 3012 SA Rotterdam, Netherlands